Our Stereo-typing Tendencies

Sometimes it is difficult to remember that we really know nothing about other persons out of our close social circles. We think we know them because we stereo-type them subconciously according to their backgrounds – living standard, income level, class/status/wealth, fashion sense, accent, social habits, outward personality, peers, and the list goes on. We do so because society understands people by putting them under particular labels.

Therefore, it is important to occassionally remind ourselves that we are all individuals. Regardless of what labels society put us under, no one person is the same as the next and that is the beauty of the human race.

Take time out today to get to know someone you have steroe-typed either sub-conciously or conciously. Recognize what label you have placed him under and try to see a side to him you didn’t know existed. You will find at least something about him that defies the parent label you put on him.

Try it today. I’d love to hear your feedback. Till next time… Here’s to a beautiful diverse Human Race!!! Cheers…


Golly! A keyboard for your Touchscreen Phones :)

Ultra thin wireless sliding out bluetooth keyboard hardshell case for touchscreen phones esp. Iphones

Tired of touch-screen mishaps? Well here’s a gadget I came across that would definitely sort out that problem for all touchscreen-phone users!

Check out this mini keyboard meant for easy touch screen access. Write emails & texts faster with a keyboard slider, giving you more time to do exciting things!

Now that’s my Gadget Crush for today!