These Words – Natasha Bedingfield

This is one of my all-time favorite songs! I fondly recall those childhood days in Wewak, East Sepik Province belting out this tune at the top of my voice and chasing my younger brother Perez to sing to him and kiss him and hug him and dance circles around him! The minute i start singing he’s running for his life… ah… male ego! He had it coming even at an early age! Just kidding 🙂 So whenever I sing this song today, it brings back those precious memories of childhood and fun in the sun on Wewak’s beautiful beaches!

Here’s the lyrics to the Song…



Flyleaf is an  American alternative metal band, formed in the Belton and Temple, Texasregions in 2000. The band has charted on mainstream rock, Christian pop and Christian metal genres. They performed around the United States in 2003 until releasing their eponymous debut album, Flyleaf, in 2005. The album went platinum after selling more than one million copies. The band won an online poll on and was named Yahoo!’s Who’s Next band of the month in March 2006 and they were named MTV’s artist of the week on December 24, 2007.Flyleaf released their second album Memento Mori on November 10, 2009 which debuted and peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard charts.

When I first came across Flyleaf in December 2005, I fell over and over in love with the band and what they had to offer. I had asked a friend to recommend some Christian rock bands and she gave me a list of the bands with their album artworks knowing my appreciation for music and art. I came across Flyleaf somewhere in the first five and their self-titled album artwork caught my eye.

Another detail that caught my attention was that there was a female fronting the band. I was at the time a big fan of Paramore, Evanescence, etc. and still am so I tend to categorize all rock bands with female lead vocalists in the ‘totally rocks’ category. So I made a mental note to check the band out later when I got a chance to go online. I did 2 days later and got their whole album from my friend. I’ve been pretty much hooked since!

The band has mainly been classed as alternative metal, as well as hard rock, heavy metal, nu metal, post-grunge, alternative rock, and as emo-metal. Music Genres I seriously love. But what I love most about Flyleaf is the lyrics of their songs. It is truly pure poetry beautifully woven into music sending out positive vibes everywhere it goes. I hope this isn’t the last we hear from them but whatever happens, Lacy Sturm’s powerful vocals keeps their lyrics ringing in my ears. I am forever a fan…

Check out the lyrics to one of their all-time hits – a personal favorite of mine. Here’s Sorrow…


Fools Rush In (1997 film)


This was one of my most favorite Romantic Comedy and still is to this day ❤

Two relative strangers try to turn a one night stand into a marriage in this romantic comedy. Alex Whitman (Matthew Perry) is a designer from New York City who is sent to Las Vegas to supervise the construction of a nightclub that his firm has been hired to build. Alex is a straight-laced WASP-ish type who, while enjoying a night on the town, meets Isabel Fuentes (Salma Hayek), a free-spirited Mexican-American photographer. Alex and Isabel are overtaken by lust at first sight and end up spending the night together; however, their immediate attraction doesn’t last in the cold light of day, and they don’t see each other for another three months. When they do meet again, it’s because Isabel has some interesting news for Alex: she’s pregnant with his child. Alex and Isabel decide that they should do the right thing and quickly get married (with an Elvis impersonator serving as witness), but after Isabel meets Alex’s mom (Jill Clayburgh), and Alex is confronted by Isabel’s father (Tomas Milian), both start to wonder if “doing the right thing” was just that, especially as Alex tries to balance his career in New York with Isabel’s desire to continue working in Nevada.


Managing My Darkest Moments

There are those times that all of a sudden you just enter the world of blues. You rack your brains trying to figure out how you went from one minute of it’s-all-good to feeling so down and yet you end up with no possible links to reason.

My moments of the blues are some of my darkest times. Even when I’m being surrounded by friends and family and all the love in the world that I could get, I feel so alone inside. No one seems to be able to possibly understand my mood swing so I just put on my best beautiful pretentious smile and keep up with the world. When in fact all I want to do is head back to my illusions and dreamland for sweet escape or shut myself in a sound-proof room and scream my head off or face it head on listening to heavy metal rock that matches my emotional turmoil.

I tell myself “this too shall pass” and I look forward to the next moment when I will suddenly feel back to my usual cheerful self. I hate those dark moments but I can’t do much about it. It seems to come naturally. So all I do is hold my head high and find comfort in clinging to the knowledge that it never lasts for long. Depression, sadness, despair, sorrow, the blues, or whatever it is; I refuse to let it ruin and define my life and personality/character for the short-lived moment it surfaces.

Life is a gift. A beautiful thing and constitutes of both good and bad experiences. Positivity never did anyone harm for looking through its lenses. So I’m keeping those glasses on especially through my darkest hour and moving towards that light getting brighter and brighter at the end of the tunnel.

And when the sunlight finally hits me with all its glorious rays, my pretentious smile fades and I rejoice in my private victory. I’m moving on from strength to strength simply because ❤ It’s a Papua-New-Guinean-Girl Thang! 🙂

Blood Cannot Make Us Any Closer

A lot of conservative people in society find it strange and unusual seeing a ‘straight’ guy and a girl totally not related by blood hugging and hanging out totally at ease with each other. Yet they are not in any intimate or dating relationship. To him, she is his sister and to her, he is her brother. They are best of friends and although they are not related by blood, they are “family”.

I have had so many narrow-minded people come up to me countless times and enquire about my relationship with one of my many close guy friends. Depending on their approach I respond either defensively, angrily or amusingly and most times utterly disgusted by the workings of their minds.

Personally, I grew up always wishing for a male sibling around the same age as myself because unlike my two-years-older sister, I was a little tomboyish playful brat badly longing for a full-time playmate. Instead, my parents gave me my long-awaited male sibling five years later. Aaarggh!!! Now we were never going to be on the same page for long enough! This meant I would be the first to lose interest in the things we did together as I progressed with age finding new interests and then five years later, he would eventually catch up! Then the cycle would repeat itself all over again!

It is no wonder that today my friends-scale-by-gender tips kind of unfairly toward the male side. I am a girl who has more close guy-friends than close girlfriends and I treasure and love them all as my brothers and sisters. They are not like an extended family, mind you, but they are like a part of my immediate family to me because together we share so much and know each other so well. So what is my usual reply when someone takes my relationship with one of my brothers for something that it is not?

Honestly feeling like the most fortunate girl in the world, I reply with a smile, “I couldn’t have asked for a more special person in my life. Yes, he is more than just a friend to me. He is my best friend but most importantly, he is my brother and blood cannot make us any closer”.