What Hurts The Most

What hurts the most? A broken heart from trully being in love or a broken heart from mere infatuation? I, personally, believe a broken heart from mere infatuation hurts the most!

Mere infatuation makes us think we are in love. We begin thinking of a future with false hopes; dreams of being together no matter what and at all costs; Sacrificing our dignity and integrity for our infatuation and forgetting that true love is all the way a two-way street. Therefore, when we face rejection from our object of infatuation, the hurt of waking up from its illusions are by far way more painful and damaging!

A broken heart from being trully in love is less painful for true love is unselfish and undying. Forgiveness comes easy and healing is a welcome and fast process. We tend to still want our object of true love to be happy regardless of who makes them happy. And so letting go of the hurt is much easier.

So you see… What hurts the most in the end is all an illusion – Mere Infatuation. True Love is undying, never failing and always healing. It is never meant to hurt as much as it is meant to bring joy and greatness! So next time you find yourself broken hearted and finding it difficult to ever imagine getting over being hurt, meanwhile, hating your ex and your replacement – stop and analyze – were you ever trully in-love!?