A Goodbye Note to a Forever Cherished Forbidden Friend

These tears that well up and fall from my eyes you see But from where they swell up from
no one will ever know. How much turmoil my heart is going through, the battle in my mind 
and the pain of it all. We are so good together but we cannot be together. The right 
thing is so hard to do. But if I really do love you then the right thing is what I will 

Letting you go is the best thing for both of us but getting to know you was the greatest
 decision I ever made… Looking back love, I have no regrets at all… Because of knowing 
you, I know now that beautiful souls like you do exist and I will never settle for anything
 less… You made me believe in myself again rediscovering my self-worth and value… 
Thank you so much!

With all my love always…

Goodbye my most treasured and ever cherished forbidden friend.

In my heart there you always will be.