Faith Overules Fear and Doubts

I have my fears including fear of my own doubts
But I also have Faith which is more than enough for even a blind man or a fool to take the next step
And I am not blind, nor am I a fool
Oh how grateful I am for that advantage!
The realization alone consoles me when my fear of doubts try to consume me
Call it Fate or God’s Hand, everything happens for a reason
That is enough reason for me to face my doubts and take that leap of faith throwing my cares to the wind
Come what may, I will remain content
So raise your glasses with me to a toast
Here’s to Faith, Hope, Light and Love
They always win out in the end



A Girl’s Got To Dream

Everybody wants to be loved, needed and happy
We all want to feel special, unique and yet belong
I remember growing up, I’ve had so many dreams
So many things I wanted to do with my life, talents and God-given abilities
I wanted to change my world
I still hold onto so many of them
But it’s not all smooth-sailing and lala land
And like the star, they’ll burn out someday
But life is not all doom and gloom
There’s beauty in all we see
Even in the dirt and ugliness
The beauties of life are mostly free
Love, peace, joy and a simple smile
Live in the beauty of life
And treasure every breathe drawn
The beauty of dreams, like stars,
They may die out someday
But they burn for a lifetime
And a lifetime’s exactly what a girl’s got
To make that change