Another Love Quote

Just because two people are in love does not mean that they have to be together. And just because two people are together does not mean that they have to be in love. Love involves everyone in their lives, not just the two of them. For if love is to be described as anything, it is definitely not selfish.

– Kezziah Paliou


Look Beyond Your Little World

I posted a link on my facebook wall today about the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that is still missing with its crew and 239 passengers. It totally amazed and shocked me when I realized that I got less than 5 Likes and comments compared to the 20+ Likes and comments I get on my usual status updates merely talking about my life and the music I love. It made me wonder if we are becoming more and more self-centered regardless of the latest advances in technology and the media that should be bringing us closer and more ‘connected’.

When it comes to tragic events such as 9/11, natural disasters and the current mysteriously missing flight MH370, it is the human tendency to feel to some extent a sense of compassion, alarm and genuine concern. Our lives are affected by events happening all over the world – whether we realize it or not. However, we are so caught up with what is going on in our own little worlds that we are losing the bigger picture – we are all connected.

Our little molehill of problems pale in comparison to the big mountains of problems out there. Maybe that is the first thing we need to realize in order to positively deal with our own personal daily dramas and trials. Look beyond what you see.

Take some time out today from your daily schedule to offer some positive vibrations towards the search for the missing Malaysian Arlines Boeing 777 and its crew and passengers. It is a big world out there and like it or not; you are a part of it.

Mainstream is Cliché

Over these past few months I have begun losing interest in mainstream music. Most of the latest music being released are becoming cliché. I finally reached the point where I was like, “This is it! I am going to become an advocate for Indie Music”. Time to make use of my incredible internet researching skills in finding Indie Bands. I have found Indie music over the years to not only be unique and soulful expressions of art but having the power to invoke inspiration in living life.

To the aspiring Indie artists out there, take the Bohemian outlook on your work. Do not do it for the fame and fortune. Do it for the love of perfecting your art. That, I believe, is what gives Indie music the edge over mainstream; keeping its uniqueness and flavor that is oh so bitter-sweet and a true symphony of the human soul!