Rocks Land On My Roof

It’s the middle of the night and I am lost in a terrible nightmare. Somehow I knew it was just a dream even though it all seemed so real and I was fighting to open my eyes and wake up!

Then a stone landed on my roof and I jolted out of my nightmare back to real life to hear the second stone land on my roof. Fear gripped me and I lay there wondering what to do next.

Another landed and suddenly I started laughing! What coward would be up all night just to throw rocks on my roof spitefully instead of being brave and courageous to man up and say to my face what he wasn’t happy about?

And here I am, the object of his hate, all cuddly and cosy in my warm bed unharmed by those rocks – well, except for my poor ear drums – and laughing my head off because ironically, he actually did me a favor. He helped to wake me up from a terrible nightmare! Thank you coward! Being hated is not so bad after all. Life as a PNG Chic is not so bad after all! 🙂