Beautify Your World

I personally believe that it is not only the responsibility of the human race to take care of the earth but to enhance its beauty by using our imagination, innovation and creativity. Regardless of who you are, where you come from, what talent you have or how much money you make, you have the ability to beautify your world.

Start with yourself. Take pride in your appearance; express yourself through fashion, eat healthier or start that new exercise regime. Continuously improve your skills, knowledge, attitude, character and lifestyle. In everything you do, do it wholeheartedly by giving your very best. Smile, laugh, dance, cook, bake, sing, paint, write, play, draw, design – Create! Be passionate about what you love. Emit love and positivity and share your soul with the people around you. Your life is a message to the world. Live it colorfully!

You have the power to create your surroundings and your surroundings also have the power to affect your outlook on life and eventually, your behavioral patterns. Let me give you an example. Imagine walking along a dull dusty street with old run-down buildings, dirt and garbage piled along the pavement, people with dirt-streaked faces dressed in rags hang around aimlessly staring at you with lifeless eyes as you walk past. Would such a surrounding make you want to smile, laugh, dance and feel inspired to live life to the fullest? Or would it give you a sense of hopelessness and the urge to run and escape from its ugly reality? Now let me give another example from the opposite side of the coin. I reckon we’ve all been in a hotel at one point in time, right? Recall that feeling when entering the hotel as a customer. Regardless of your social standing or how much money you actually have, you will suddenly feel an air of importance and own the social graces of a very “civilized” person. And all it took for that to happen was the pleasant smell and sophisticated atmosphere that greeted you, the sight of over-polished tiled floors, counters and table tops, air-condition, classic furniture and the bonus of excellent customer service. See what I mean?

Therefore, brighten your surroundings. Plant that flower garden you’ve been putting off, mow that lawn and weed those weeds. Scrub down or paint those walls again. Rearrange your furniture or buy some new furniture. Buy and install shelves that can keep your stuff organized as well as beautifully displayed. Redecorate your room with a new theme. Style your desktop or beautify that dull-looking classroom or office. Get your friends together and do a voluntary cleanathon for your street. There are so many ways to beautify your surroundings and it doesn’t necessarily have to be some major renovation. It’s the little things that we often overlook.

I sincerely hope this inspires you to start putting some color in your world. We may not know how long we have to live this life in this world but while we have the privilege to be creators of our universe, why not make it a beautiful, colorful and inspiring existence? Happy beautification, beautiful people!