Another Love Quote

Just because two people are in love does not mean that they have to be together. And just because two people are together does not mean that they have to be in love. Love involves everyone in their lives, not just the two of them. For if love is to be described as anything, it is definitely not selfish.

– Kezziah Paliou


Look Beyond Your Little World

I posted a link on my facebook wall today about the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that is still missing with its crew and 239 passengers. It totally amazed and shocked me when I realized that I got less than 5 Likes and comments compared to the 20+ Likes and comments I get on my usual status updates merely talking about my life and the music I love. It made me wonder if we are becoming more and more self-centered regardless of the latest advances in technology and the media that should be bringing us closer and more ‘connected’.

When it comes to tragic events such as 9/11, natural disasters and the current mysteriously missing flight MH370, it is the human tendency to feel to some extent a sense of compassion, alarm and genuine concern. Our lives are affected by events happening all over the world – whether we realize it or not. However, we are so caught up with what is going on in our own little worlds that we are losing the bigger picture – we are all connected.

Our little molehill of problems pale in comparison to the big mountains of problems out there. Maybe that is the first thing we need to realize in order to positively deal with our own personal daily dramas and trials. Look beyond what you see.

Take some time out today from your daily schedule to offer some positive vibrations towards the search for the missing Malaysian Arlines Boeing 777 and its crew and passengers. It is a big world out there and like it or not; you are a part of it.

A Goodbye Note to a Forever Cherished Forbidden Friend

These tears that well up and fall from my eyes you see But from where they swell up from
no one will ever know. How much turmoil my heart is going through, the battle in my mind 
and the pain of it all. We are so good together but we cannot be together. The right 
thing is so hard to do. But if I really do love you then the right thing is what I will 

Letting you go is the best thing for both of us but getting to know you was the greatest
 decision I ever made… Looking back love, I have no regrets at all… Because of knowing 
you, I know now that beautiful souls like you do exist and I will never settle for anything
 less… You made me believe in myself again rediscovering my self-worth and value… 
Thank you so much!

With all my love always…

Goodbye my most treasured and ever cherished forbidden friend.

In my heart there you always will be.

What Hurts The Most

What hurts the most? A broken heart from trully being in love or a broken heart from mere infatuation? I, personally, believe a broken heart from mere infatuation hurts the most!

Mere infatuation makes us think we are in love. We begin thinking of a future with false hopes; dreams of being together no matter what and at all costs; Sacrificing our dignity and integrity for our infatuation and forgetting that true love is all the way a two-way street. Therefore, when we face rejection from our object of infatuation, the hurt of waking up from its illusions are by far way more painful and damaging!

A broken heart from being trully in love is less painful for true love is unselfish and undying. Forgiveness comes easy and healing is a welcome and fast process. We tend to still want our object of true love to be happy regardless of who makes them happy. And so letting go of the hurt is much easier.

So you see… What hurts the most in the end is all an illusion – Mere Infatuation. True Love is undying, never failing and always healing. It is never meant to hurt as much as it is meant to bring joy and greatness! So next time you find yourself broken hearted and finding it difficult to ever imagine getting over being hurt, meanwhile, hating your ex and your replacement – stop and analyze – were you ever trully in-love!?

I Dare You to Move

You stood alone but there was no way around you

You stood so tall and so proud I could not see through you

You hid behind your charms and lies and made me think I could not read you

But I finally understand what it takes to be you I admire you for being you for so long

Come to think of it, I do not think you have any other side to you

You now stand representing boredom and all that I know

You now stand being everything so predictable to me 

Hey that spark is still in your eyes – oh yes, it is still there!

But it does not ignite a flame in me anymore

You stand in the way but now I can see so many ways around you

You still stand tall and proud

But now I see right through you

Your charms and your lies are now my cards in the game also

It is so now so easy to get in your head and play your very games

So consider my next words carefully…

Before that spark in your eyes fade

And what is left of the dying embers in my heart die out…

I dare you to move!